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Popular Movies you can watch at Vettri theatres and GK Cinemas this weekend

Vettri theatres and GK Cinemas

Tamil audience, Cinema and theater owners will probably be a part of the best love triangle ever. With time, the Tamil audience have become smarter and more welcoming of good cinema. All big hits in 2017 and 2018 were high on content and low on cliches. And now theatres are re-release of gems such as Pudhupettai, Aranya Kandam. These movies are easily available on digital streaming platforms like Amazon and Netflix but the audience wants to celebrate them on big-screens(the only way they deserve to be). The theater owners in Chennai like Vettri, GK Cinemas have come forward to revive these classics. They are very much in touch with the audience through social media platforms especially Twitter. They listen to the requests of the audience and put in great efforts to cater to them. It is things like this that preserves the spirit of cinema in TN

Return of the cults

When a movie is termed as “cult-classic” we know it would’ve been way ahead of it’s a time when it released. Movies from the brand of Selvaraghavan like ‘Pudhupettai‘, “Aayirathil Oruvan” did fly over the audiences’ head when they released years back but through word of mouth, people have started understanding their worth over the years. As of now, those movies have very strong cult-status. The audience has been requesting for their re-release for quite some time now. Pudhupettai was screened on 03-03-2019 in Vettri theatres

Aayirathil Oruvan was screened on Selvaraghavan’s birthday 05-03-2019 in GK Cinemas Porur.

Both the movies had houseful shows with a thunderous response from the audience.

Hollywood throwbacks

TN has always been very welcoming of movies from other languages. There is pure love for cinema and art in this state. Marvel and DC superheroes are household names here and a part of TN’s pop culture. The last edition of Avengers titled “End game” is gonna release in April. Vettri theater has released throwback shows to all major Marvel movies that released over a period of 10 years. They are even selling passes to watch all of them.

Christopher Nolan is one of the Hollywood directors who has a massive following amongst Tamil movie-lovers. His all-time blockbusters like “The dark knight”, “Interstellar” were also screened as a part of throwbacks in Vettri theatres. They got great responses from the audience.

Today Vettri theatres would be screening mad max fury road in the evening 7 p.m show. Other movies that have maximum requests from the audience are Thiyagaraja Kumaraja’s “Aaranya Kaandam”, “Vaaranam Ayiram”, Thala’s cult movie “Mankatha”. The Managing Director of Vettri theatre Rakesh Gowthaman even took it to Twitter that he is not able to get the rights from producers to screen Mankatha. We are sure Thala fans will trend this worldwide on Twitter and get the rights overnight!!


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