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Vishal’s deal with Lyca based on movie privacy?


A whistleblower website named ‘Savukku online’ has revealed some details about actor Vishal’s involvement in the movie piracy row. The website alleged that Vishal has struck a deal with Lyca productions as they have an involvement in privacy. Tamil producers are now demanding Vishal to be removed from his post as the President of Tamil Film Producers Council. At a press conference on Sunday, director Bharathiraja, actor T Rajender, and other Tamil film producers accused Vishal and questioned what he has done for the welfare of union since being elected.

Actor Radha Ravi alleged, “Mr. Vishal had said that he knew the people behind piracy websites such as Tamil Rockers but he hasn’t taken action ever since.” Former Secretary Radhakrishnan, said “It’s been nearly 14 months since Vishal was elected to the TFPC. But he has not delivered on any of his promises. Because of his decision the entire film industry has suffered losses.”

In a recent interview to Times of India Vishal has hit back stating that he hasn’t received any communication regarding the recent events. He also added that the industry is going on a righteous path and he doesn’t understand why any producer would have a problem with the way the council is functioning.

Raisa Nasreen

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