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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil – 25th July 2018, Episode 39 Update: On day 38, Shariq once again withholds a housemate from having food

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Day 38 - Episode 39

Day 38 dawns as Bigg Boss plays Tamil song mama mama and all the housemates wake up. Riythvika wants to access the kitchen for breakfast. Ponnambalam, one of the owners, commands Riythvika to praise his team by reciting a poetry. Riythvika does so and Ponnambalam grants her access.

Mumtaz wants to access the kitchen for breakfast. Ponnambalam commands her to eat some ginger. Mumtaz refuses to eat saying that she hate the taste of ginger and also she would lose her appetite if she ate it.

During lunch time, Mumtaz tries once again to access the kitchen. Ponnambalam commands her to walk around the table 25 times. Mumtaz does so and Ponnambalam grants her access.

Mumtaz wants to make tea. But, the team of owners say that she cannot use the kitchen for anything and she has to request them if she needs something. Mumtaz walks out of the kitchen without informing the issue to Shariq, task coordinator, who is standing beside her.

Shariq tells Mumtaz that she disobeyed him by not informing him about the issue. As a punishment, he commands her to do squats. But, Mumtaz hesitates to do it saying that she has a stiff back.

Then, he commands her to walk forth and back in a straight line 100 times. Mumtaz says she can walk only 50 times. They both bargain. Ultimately, he commands her to walk 50 times.

She starts walking. Seeing her not walking in a straight line, he instructs her to walk properly. She says that it is her wish. He says he is not okay with it. She walks away blabbering something about him. He tells her to shut her mouth. She tells him to close his ears.

He tells her that he will plaster her mouth. She says that he can’t even touch her. He goes and touches her. She gets angered and warns him. Some of the housemates come and separate them. She goes to the bedroom and weeps. Bhalajie and Riythvika try to settle the issue between Shariq and Mumtaz, but they turn out to be unsuccessful.

All the housemates assemble in the living hall. Daniel reads out a paper sent in by Bigg Boss. The third task has come up and the winner will get to conquer the bedroom.

Two dummy doors are kept in the garden area with locks. Ponnambalam from a team and Vaishnavi from the other team wear a jacket each that has many keys. Daniel from a team and Yashika from the other team have to get the right key to unlock the door from the opponent’s jacket. Ultimately, Yashika emerges as the winner. Mumtaz’s team conquers the bedroom. Episode 38 ends.

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Author: Rajarajan Velmurugan


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