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Uncle – This Mammootty film breaks stereotypes

Uncle Trailer

Very often the society perceives that a man can’t be trusted. The society also tells us that a man can’t be sensitive to another person’s feelings. However, this week’s latest Malayalam movie Uncle decides to break these stereotypes. The writer of the film, Joy Mathew, and director Girish Damodar have worked on a film that rewrites the situation on how the society should change the perception. And it’s quite refreshing to see a huge star such a Mammootty star in a film which educates the audience, and how stereotypes can be broken.

The film revolves around Sruthy (Karthika Muraleedharan) who is stuck in Ooty, unable to travel due to an ongoing strike. She bumps into her father’s friend KK (Mammootty), and the two decide to travel to their hometown together. KK, a divorcee, is perceived by his friends as a womanizer. While Sruthy’s mom thinks KK is a genuine person. After getting to know that his daughter would be traveling with KK, Sruthy’s father Vijayan (Joy Mathew) grows anxious, awaiting the arrival of his daughter, and so does Sruthy’s neighbor, grandmom, and maid. During the course of the film, the story gives reveals the many faces of the different characters.

The film is a reflection of our society. The moral policing, the apprehensions while approaching a new person – everything is set in today’s contemporary era. The film questions those who have preconceived notions about the world, society and go on to form assumptions about those they haven’t met.

Do you remember the infamous dialogue said by Mammootty in his movie Kasaba, which raised debates and actress Parvathy question the dialogue in the movie? Well, we are sure you certainly do. Mammootty, through KK, provides answers to certain questions that were raised during the infamous Kasaba dialogue row. Here he says, that the world does have a lot of bad men, but not all are bad. Unlike other films, this film is free of sexist dialogues. Women are strong characters in the film who have a voice of their own. The dialogues are sharp, bold and relevant to today’s times. However, the film is a little dull and slow at times.

Mammootty’s performance is subtle and perfect. He brings the character of a broad-minded man to life which is a convincing performance. Sruthy’s performance is also impressive. One can’t miss Joy Mathew’s performance as the worried and anxious father. It’s quite interesting to watch a writer enact the act so well.

Cinematographer Alagappan N takes us through the beautiful locations of Wayanad and Gundlupt. And along with soul-stirring music by Bijibal, this film is technically sound.

Overall, Uncle is a breath of fresh air. The film promotes positive thinking and aims at busting the stereotypes laid out by the society.

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