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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil – 2nd September 2018, Episode 78 Update: On day 77, Janani and Daniel are locked up

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Day 77 - Episode 78

Kamal Haasan is on the stage to host the show. Housemates assemble in living hall. Kamal starts interacting with housemates. He ask Bhalajie, Janani and Daniel, the nominees for eviction, to come forward.

Five boxes for each of the nominees is kept on a table in living hall. Kamal asks the nominees to open up the boxes one by one. Bhalajie finds a green ball in a box. Kamal announces that Bhalajie is safe zoned.

Two small prisons are in living hall. Janani and Daniel get locked up in a prison each. Bhalajie opens Janani’s prison with a key and Senrayan opens Daniel’s prison with another key.

Janani’s prison lock cannot be unlocked by Bhalajie. Daniel’s prison is unlocked by Senrayan. Kamal shows Daniel’s name card to all. Daniel is evicted from the house. Storeroom buzzer goes off. Yashika goes and brings a mobile phone. Daniel clicks a selfie wihh all the housemates.

Daniel presents a plant to Mumtaz, Senrayan, Yashika and Aishwarya, while Riythvika clicks a picture of that. Daniel bids goodbye to all the housemates and leaves the house. He goes and joins Kamal on the stage.

Kamal says that Daniel should not have reduced his sense of humour. Daniel says that he had to do so because some of the housemates started complaining that they were hurt by his jokes.

For one last time, Daniel bids goodbye to all the housemates and invites them to their marriage, which is set to happen soon. Kamal congratulates Daniel by imitating his typical Madras slang.

Daniel leaves the show. Kamal bids adieu to all and leaves the stage. Episode 78 ends.

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Author: Rajarajan Velmurugan


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