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Bigg Boss Malayalam – 7th July 2018, Episode 14 Update: On day 13, Shweta tries to establish her superiority while Basheer says everyone is equal!

Bigg Boss Malayalam Episode 14 Day 13

Form welcoming everyone to the Bigg Boss house with a glass of water to preparing meal for everyone, Shweta Menon did play the role of a sweet homely mother in the house and easily won the heart of almost every contestant. Thus she was chosen as the first captain and she successfully executed all the duties assigned to her.

But in the recent episode we saw, Basheer who was all a shy cat in nature suddenly started to thunder on Shweta about not completing her duty as a dish washing team member. She beats him back by saying that there is no reason for him to scream at her and she had already informed Aditi about this. While in today’s episode she tells Mohanlal that due to the captaincy task her health was not so well and thus she lagged in her duties. She also said that she was a superior level artist and Basheer is no one to talk to her using such a tone. Basheer replied to this by saying that he was never told about Shweta being ill and that he felt all the 16 contestants despite their achievements, should be treated equally inside the house and should also perform their duties accordingly.

Also in the most controversial episode, where Srinish, Shweta and Anoop were tied together for the captaincy task, it was said by Shweta that she would give up for Srinish so that he would be declared as the next captain. But later on, even though Anoop quits the task, Shweta doesn’t unlock herself. Even when the night arrives and everyone are off to sleep, they both were seen tied together. Later at 4 am, seeing Srinish helpless, Hima advises him to pull of the ropes. Though Srinish asks Shweta to unlock it herself, she denies it. Srinish starts feeling fishy by seeing such a behaviour from the person who promised him for support and he pulls both the locks.

Later when Mohanlal asks Shweta about this incident she tells him that she was just being sportive and that she would have definitely unlocked it later in the morning. But according to her words she was ill all this time still she preferred to act sportive!

Do the people in the Bigg Boss house really care for each other? Or is it just a place to play mind games and earn name and fame? What do you think about this?

Author : Anjana


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