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5 films in which Samantha stunned the audience

Samantha Movies

Samantha-the most happening girl of now in both Tamil and Telugu industry. She is just hitting all the balls out of the park. In India Marriage is said to be an unofficial retirement for an actress’s career but it has turned the other way around for her. She is portraying more promising and experimental roles and we can’t get enough of her. Starting out as a young, cute girl in ‘Ye Maye Chesave‘ here is a list of five movie that we believe were her career definer.

1. Naan Ee/ Eega

This movie was considered pretty experimental back in 2012 when directors and actors didn’t step out of commercial movies. Samantha carried the entire movie in her shoulders without the support of any “Hero”. If not for her believable acting, the plot of the movie would’ve never worked with the audience this film firmly established ‘A protagonist can be of any gender. It is the script that is the Hero’. Even though she was already popular amongst the Tamil and the Telugu audience Naan Ee lifted her to a star-level and there was no looking back for her.

2. Neethaane En Ponvasantham

Samantha is probably one actor who has starred in most director Gautham Vasudev Menon’s movies. Starting from Ye Maaya Chesave she was seen in a quite some GVM movies. And this one “Neethaane En Ponvasantham” turned the eyes of a lot of critics towards her. Samantha showed a range of characters that she could pull off with authenticity and this was also a trilingual film where the heroes changed but she was a constant. Starting from an innocent school girl to an heart-broken adult she was convincing with the transitions she showed on-screen. This performance won her a lot of awards including

3. U turn

Samantha’s 2018 bilingual flick was a Kannada movie remake of the same name. It can be called as her solo venture where she is the primary protagonist. This movie had her sporting a short hair look which was fresh to the audience and suited her very well too. Rachana is a fearless journalist but when unknown problems surround her she is just as scared and confused as anyone would be. Samantha portrayed the fearlessness and the vulnerabilities just right. She has a great screen-presence and never once do we get bored of watching her. The movie was critically acclaimed and also a decent commercial success.

4. Rangasthalam

This is probably the biggest blockbuster hit of Samantha’s career and no..she is not an arm-candy to some big hero. Her performance as Ram-Lakshmi was equally praised as that of Ram Charan. She wasn’t afraid to play a girl from small town who washes buffalo and does various other things typically not expected from a ‘heroine’. She really clicked with the audience and that character is gonna stay for long.

5. Super Deluxe

The expectations this movie has created is no less than the hype for a magnum opus. With Thiyagaraja Kumaraja’s direction we do know this is gonna be a milestone in Samantha’s career coz his characters aren’t that easy to portray. With the movie released on March 29 people are praising her left and right on social media platforms. It is a quite a daring attempt too. Catch the movie in theatres to witness this extraordinary performance.

With Majili and a bunch of other movies on her stack..we guess we might have to alter this list pretty soon


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