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”Extremely excited and happy” says Kalyaan Dhev

Kalyaan Dhev

Fans of Telugu cinema are eagerly awaiting the debut of an actor from Chiranjeevi‘s family. And, going by the trailer audiences it’s safe to say that a star is soon to arrive. The debutant who is facing all this pressure even before the release of his film is Kalyaan Dhev. The son-in-law of Chiranjeevi, Kalyaan Dhev will make his debut in the film Vijetha. DGZ Media caught up with the actor for an exclusive chat where he talks about his reason to enter the film industry, the one-piece of advice Chiranjeevi gave him and his role on Vijetha.

1. Given that your debut film Vijetha is going to release very soon, what’s your current state of mind?

Extremely excited and happy and a little bit nervous too! Looking forward to the release. More than anything, waiting for the public to deliver their verdict.

2. Tell us, how did the acting bug bite you?

I’d always been keen to learn any kind of art. Be it drawing, painting, singing, dancing, acting etc. My parents always encouraged all of my extracurricular activities. Fortunately, my effort towards the art mostly paid off with prizes. The acting bug was always a part of me and it only got stronger as I grew up.

3. Kalyaan, your father-in-law, Chiranjeevi Garu is one of the biggest superstars of cinema. How does it feel to make your debut in this industry where he is considered as an icon? Your debut film shares the same name as his blockbuster Vijetha.

I feel honoured and privileged to be a part of this family! I also feel very lucky to have started my first film as soon as I finished training as an actor. And about naming the film, the entire team was initially apprehensive but as we made the film, we realised that Vijetha title would be very apt for the story. More than a pressure, I feel very happy and positive that Mamayya’s title has worked out to be the best one for us.

4. We’re sure you must have been offered several films before finally deciding to choose Vijetha. What drove you to sign the film?

Like I mentioned before, this was the first story that I heard as soon as I came back from my training. And it so happened that Mamayya (Chiranjeevi Garu) liked it in the first story sitting. When the best Guru in the industry says something, there is no reason to have a second thought about anything at all. So, I believed and went ahead!

5. What is the one piece of advice Chiranjeevi Garu gave you when you decided to enter the film industry?

I know this reply might sound a bit too monotonous for everyone but he has told me the same thing he had told everyone else. Work hard! He strongly believes that’s the only way to achieve goals. Also, never to give up and always treat failure and success equally.

6. Tell us more about your role in Vijetha.

It’s a completely next door guy character who is always a happy go lucky person. The character is not same throughout the film. There is a variation and I thoroughly enjoyed doing both of them.

7. What does Kalyaan Dhev’s future hold? Have you signed any new films?

My future holds cinema, cinema and only cinema. Not signed anything yet.

Raisa Nasreen

Raisa Nasreen loves everything about the world of entertainment. Being a film buff, She sheds most tears watching an emotional film and shudders at the thought of watching a horror film. Her hobbies include watching dubbed movies that evoke laughter. Apart from balancing her life on a fence, she is a content creator who loves to gorge on biryani.

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