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Comali Review: Jayam Ravi stars in a fun entertainer

Comali Movie Review

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been stuck in the past. Not being able to overcome the moments that existed, and not being able to come to terms to reality is tough. But what if a find someone is stuck in the past so much that it dates back to the year 1996? Chaos ensues!

And this forms as an inventive plot for Comali. Directed by Pradeep, Comali relies on a plot with fun humour, a solid screenplay. On the downside it has some cringeworthy scenes which should’ve stayed back in 1996!

Comali tells the tale of Ravi (Jayam Ravi), who lose his memory after an accident which takes place in the year 1996. In present day his regains his consciousness, his friend (Yogi Babu) and family try to help him cope. In his new job he finds a statue that belonged to his family, and is told that they are descendants of a royal lineage. The only problem? The villain, an MLA (K. S. Ravikumar) claims that the it is his. How he regains supports firms the rest of the story.

The strength of the film is undoubtedly his humour. And what makes it ever better is the timing and Yogi Babu’s dialogue delivery! The way the scenes are staged offer well-earned laughs. Especially the scenes where Ravi tries to ask Yogi Babu about familiar events and scenes. Be it the destruction of water bodies or the heavy IT work load, they depict how Chennai and it’s people have changed and evolved so much. Only someone with a good idea and knowledge about Chennai’s busy life would understand this and director Pradeep does a good job. As the film takes on a jolly good ride, it hits a speed breaker which makes it melodramatic. You see the lead actor preaching about how one should lead a life, and how machine life is over taking us. During the second half, the laughs are forgotten and the film seems lengthier, making us seem like the film would not end. The over-long flood scene adds to the length!

One of the lowest points of the film is the terrible humour that’s based on ogling at women, and sexual innuendos. Although the film wants itself to stay relevant, these double meaning jokes are a thing of the past.

This is also a film where Jayam Ravi seemed like he’s having a good time, completely enjoying himself and it is reflected in his performance. It’s light, easy and fun to watch. It’s a good thing Kajal Aggarwal wasn’t portrayed as the ‘cute bubbly’ heroine and she did have a fairy prominent role to play. K. S. Ravikumar’s performance was perfect was the role which wasn’t too menacing or wasn’t too fun either. Hip Hop Tamizha’s music blends perfectly with the film, and the peppy background score works well too.

If you are looking to watch a comedy this weekend. Then you may enjoy this one.

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