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Game Over Review: Taapsee stars in a thrilling Film

Game Over Movie Review

Imagine watching a Tamil suspense thriller without the typical comedy, the dance, the romance, the ‘loose heroine’ or the inclusion of the ‘hero’. Hard to imagine? Well, I wouldn’t blame you, because a film without this doesn’t happen in Tamil cinema often. Breaking these stereotype elements and creating a solid suspense thriller, director Ashwin Saravana surprises once again. This time it’s with his film, Game Over. His debut film Maya, can be listed among the top horror films made in Tamil cinema, and his second film Game Over has been directed with the same conviction as his first.

The film gives you a feeling of being watched over. Its a mix of creepy along with scary sequences which are mostly elevated because of music director Ron Ethan Yohaan.

It opens with a chilling setup where a young woman is being watched over by somebody. And then the worst happens to the woman. This is followed by multiple mysterious deaths of women. The only thing common between them? They all have tattoos. This leads the killer’s next victim to Sapna (Taapsee). What follows next is a thrilling chase. For most part the movie takes the viewer to a world where he is able to imagine his own anxieties and fear. Just like Sapna, we are too taken into a new parallel world which is offered through virtual reality. Dark and lonely.

For the first enthralling hour are uncertain if the spooks are from the tattoo or if the killer is watching over Sapna. And when you begin to figure it out it reaches a point where you get emotional, I got a bit teary eyed too. The second half takes you on a thrill mind game that either makes you squirm in your seat or makes you want to shout out to Sapna saying ‘Hey, watch out pls, run oh wait you can’t’, omg just do something’. By the time you are done doing it, a new suspense unfolds on screen.

When a film shows a killer who is almost invisible, the viewer is more invested in the killer and his reasoning to kill people. Even if he is a psychopath who does it to fulfil his fantasy, I would be inquisitive to know more. This familiar setup of mystery murder was explained in Maya, however, I found it missing in Game Over. It’s a tad bit incomplete when the film fails to answer how the new ‘lives/tattoos’ begin to appear for the lead. It lacks the compelling factor. But hey, the run time is only a 101 minutes so the film is packaged well.
Using the concept of a video game which gives you three lives ‘Game Over’ makes for an interesting watch. With top notch production, A. Vasanth’s cinematography and a limited cast – the film shines. Taapsee delivers effortlessly as the person suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Vinodhini Vaidyanathan is good but it was hard for me to accept her in the role of a caretaker.

If you are someone who has a tattoo then I would say never turn on the lights when it dark. Don’t take my word for it, look what Taapsee did in the film!

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Raisa Nasreen

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