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Gorilla Review: A little fun and silly heist thriller

Gorilla Tamil Movie Review

When the makers of Gorilla first announced the film, it’s needless to say that one would think of it as a film revolving around the animal. I thought with this, they would show the relationship between the man and the friendly chimp. However, it looks like the makers had something else in mind – which involves everything other than the Gorilla. It shows the cast irrelevantly talk about farmers, poverty, lack of medical treatment, and recreating the jalikattu protest.

The story revolves around a farmer who urges a petty criminal Jeeva (Jiiva) and his friends to rob a bank in order to end their money problems.

What looks like a heist thriller, doesn’t want itself to be taken seriously. With a few good laughs here and there, some silly antics – the film wants to prove that it is fun. But the logic and jokes don’t gel along. While robbing a bank, one of the jokes is directed towards a woman’s attire asking why she looks like a ‘massage parlour lady’. In another scene, when chief police officer (played by Radha Ravi), confronts the hijacker (Jiiva) he doesn’t order his team to shoot, but talks to him calmly calling him ‘Thambi Thambi’ in every scene. There is no thrill but only rehearsed drama.

What’s surprising is how the writer and director had no consideration to show the Gorilla in a healthy and positive light. It doesn’t seem right to show the gorilla googling ‘hot Malayalam Shakeela’ videos, neither does it seem ok to show him as a crotch-kicking animal.

Jiiva plays the role with ease, while Shalini Pandey walks away with a minimal role which involves playing the ‘cute bubbly role’.

If you want to watch a film for a few laughs then this may be your pick. Be warned if you are a animal lover, it may not exactly win your hearts. Given the importance given to farming, the film should have been named farmer and not gorilla!

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