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Kaathal – The Core Review

Kaathal - The Core Review - Mammootty and Jyothika

Kaathal – The Core” is a remarkable film that delicately addresses societal issues with a touch of grace. Mammootty’s portrayal of Mathew Devassy, an independent candidate facing a personal crisis, showcases the actor’s stunning versatility. The storyline, masterfully unfolded by writers Paulson Skaria and Adarsh Sukumaran, explores the complexities of relationships, legal proceedings, and societal norms.

Director Jeo Baby’s vision adds a wow factor to key moments, keeping the emotions, music, and drama low-key yet heightened in tension. Cinematographer Salu K Thomas and editor Francies Louis contribute to the film’s gentle mood. The use of sound, particularly in a climactic scene, demonstrates Baby’s skill in building emotional impact.

The film fearlessly tackles sensitive topics, such as divorce and LGBTQ+ issues, examining not only legal aspects but also societal readiness for change. The subtle approach to family dynamics and acceptance is refreshing, with Mammootty and Jyothika delivering impressive performances as a couple facing challenges.

Kaathal – The Core” is a departure from conventional family dramas, opting for a matter-of-fact presentation. The scriptwriters deserve praise for their mature handling of sensitive subjects. Mathews Pulickan’s music stands out, complementing the narrative seamlessly.

Mammootty’s portrayal of Mathew Devassy is a testament to his acting prowess, showcasing a character marked by fear, falsehoods, and pathos. Jyothika shines as Omana, displaying strength and grace in the face of adversity. The supporting cast, along with the film’s unconventional theme, makes it a noteworthy addition to Mammootty’s illustrious career.

In comparison to its spiritual predecessor, “The Great Indian Kitchen,” “Kaathal – The Core” maintains a calm and dignified tone. Director Jeo Baby weaves a narrative filled with love, addressing issues with an idealistic approach. The film’s courtroom drama is handled with decency, avoiding typical melodramatic tropes.

In essence, “Kaathal – The Core” is a cinematic gem that invites viewers to understand societal issues with empathy and compassion. Jeo Baby’s direction, coupled with outstanding performances and a mature script, makes this film a standout contribution to Indian cinema.

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