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Semma Botha Aagathey Review: A fun entertainer that leaves you high on laughter

Semma Botha Aagathey Movie Review

When the title of the film is Semma Botha Aagathey, it indicates that the film will revolve around bars, women and people in inebriation. Thankfully, director Badri’s latest film is much more than that. The film is a fun mix of comedy and glamour served in a tall glass and garnished with an ample dose of thrill, that balances the theme of the film.

The film revolves around Ramesh (Atharvaa Murali), who upon the insistence of his friend decides to invite a sex worker home. A drunk Ramesh agrees to do so, as he seeks a method of mending his broken heart after a break-up. Just when Meenu (Anaika Soti) begins seducing him, Ramesh is asked to go to the hospital to help a neighbour. However, things go downhill when Ramesh returns to finds the sex worker dead in his apartment. What follows next is a roller-coaster ride, where Ramesh goes on a mission to find her killer.

The first few scenes in Semma Botha Aagathey follows a route which teases us with Ramesh’s reluctant attitude towards Meenu and a song dedicated to the hero of the film. But this isn’t your usual song that sings praises about the hero’s bravery. This song is about the hero’s sensuality, titled Itemkaara, a special number where women are usually the object of attention. It’s quite different here. After showcasing these sequences between the two, the film finally heats up when it Ramesh decides to travel to Kerala to find out more about Meenu’s life. Meanwhile, there is a comic track that’s going on between Nandhu (Manobala) and the neighbour (Manobala). The scenes between the two are hilarious. They guarantee that the comic timing is strong in the film.

As Ramesh tries to find the murderer, we are invested in his mission and travel with him. However, the pace is slowed down as the director begins to distract us with the flashback scenes between Ramesh and Madhu (Mishti). Blame it on the dull love story and Mishti’s terrible lip-sync, these scenes simply act like speed-breakers. Fortunately, the film doesn’t derail after that. The quick climax that follows manages to answer questions and quickly wraps up the film. However, the film could have been racier. The hero gets the clues, answers and everything easy which makes it less convincing.

The method by which the director conveyed his narrative made it seem like Semma Botha Aagathey can qualify as a web-series. Simple, interesting and packed with the right amount of comedy. Atharvaa is also the perfect fit for the role. He performs his role with conviction.

The film offer’s some very interesting characters too. John Vijay plays a rowdy who claims to be Illaiyaraaja’s biggest fan. Karunakaran offers some laugh-worthy moments. Overall the film is an amusing entertainer that is high on energy.

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