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Sindhubaadh Review: Vijay Sethupathi stars as the ultimate action hero!

Sindhubaadh Review - Vijay Sethupathi

Director S U Arun Kumar’s first two films Pannaiyarum Padminiyum and Sethupathi boasted of stories with rooted themes, which were original and compelling. With his latest film, Sindhubaadh, the director shifts to full-blown action entertainer, starring the lead of his previous films, Vijay Sethupathi. With great visuals and cinematography, good performances Sindhubaadh does seem like an interesting watch at first, however, as the film proceeds one may begin to wonder if its the same film you began watching or is it a different one?

The film tells the tale of Thiru (Vijay Sethupathi), a small-time thief who lives with his young friend Super (his real life son Suriya). His fate changes when he meets Venba (Anjali) who works at a rubber estate in Malaysia. When Thiru makes a spontaneous decision of marrying her, Venba promises to return to India once she informs her employer. However, problem begins when trouble finds her and Thiru heads to rescue her.

It may sound like a simple story here, but there’s so much more to the film than just this. From illegal working contracts in Malaysia to Flesh trade to Skin trade to Malaysian gangsters – every issue is cut, tossed and thrown into a blender. The end result? Something that’s one ingredient away from being a mess. It’s convoluted, and dragging enough to suck the thrill out of what could have been an intense thrilling action film.

Throughout the film we get to hear how ruthless the villain is, but when it comes to facing the hero, he seems to become a lot weaker and easier to fight off. The evilness of the villain wears off when he has to face the hero, making things simple for him. The logic level in the film also goes for a toss. It plays between cinematic liberty and leave your brains at home logic!

What works in the film is it’s originality and the impact of memorable scenes. In one of the most interesting scape scenes in SindhuBaadh we see Super (name) asking Thiru (Sethupathi) to run faster or else they may get caught by the Mayasian thugs. To which Sethupathi replies ‘Parava ille, suta, sethirlam’. It’s not often that you see a Tamil film hero willing to predict his defeat. Had it been another director or actor – his treatment to the scene would have been launching a punch line where the hero would tell how indestructible he is.

Another positive aspect of the film is how it portrays Vijay Sethupathi. I liked how the director incorporated Vijay Sethupathi’s casual no-fuss attitude along with what the character demanded – a death-defying, undefeated action hero. He performs it like a cake walk!

However, when the inventiveness wears off, the film begins to drag beyond measure.

Among the performances, Anjali performs effortlessly as the spunky loud girl. Suriya Sethupathi is funny, causal and confident as his father’s friend and side kick. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music works well for the film. Vijay Karthik Kannan’s cinematography stands out. He effectively shoots the dark dull locations in the action scenes superbly and gives a raw rough tone to the gangster world.

When the end card begins to roll in the director mentions a bibliography with films such as Snatch, Behind the enemy lines and other films in the list indicating that he’s been inspired by scenes from those films. Is that a way to confess about the inspiration rather than someone else accusing you of lifting it?

Just like the fictional character Sindbad, our Sindhubaadh too has adventures in new countries where he encounters monsters. Not just that, in just 220 rupees you get to go on a tour and see Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and Tenkasi with him.

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