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Thadam Review: Arun Vijay shines in this crime drama

Thadam Movie Review

When identical twins are taken into police custody in a murder case, police officers have a tough time finding clues to charge one person for the crime. This forms the premise of director Magizh Thirumeni’s Thadam.

Thadam moves on a solid and interesting premise, that can hold your attention the minute it’s narrated to you. It’s a film that is based on a crime that has even the law puzzled about giving the judgment.

The trouble with the film begins when it treats a serious plot in a not-so-serious way. For instance, when the investigation officer (Vidya) exclaims “so among these two, one must have committed the crime”, it makes you scream and say “come on, wasn’t that obvious to you”! Some dialogues like these question the intelligence of the audience and the script itself.

Another problem with the film is the way it drifts from the basic and most interesting question: who killed the victim and why? The plot is convoluted as it fails to highlight the basic clues that will help solve the case. Things can falter in a police case, but the way it is portrayed in this film looked rather too easy. Thadam fashions itself as a hard-hitting, thrilling drama, but doesn’t meet the expectation as it fizzes out too soon. The film’s background score is terrific, however backing dull moments in the film with ‘triumph’ worthy music doesn’t quite work.

Thadam deals with deep issues such as a child’s parental detachment, bad parenting and its side effects. It’s a subject hardly explored in Tamil films. If the film worked on this better, keeping the murder mystery as the main plot – Thadam could have hit the bullseye. But it loses focus by trying to convey this in a dramatic way, which looks a tad bit outdated.

The film’s strength lies in the fact that it manages to kindle the curiosity of the audience. It makes you want to watch the entire film and ask “who actually is the killer and why”.

Arun Vijay is very good playing the twins who display varied personalities. It’s not a simple performance, as one needs to display unique characteristics for each character. Arun Vijay does well!

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