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Vijay Superum Pournamiyum: A new year treat to family audiences


Written and directed by Jis Jose and coming under the banner of AK Sunil productions, Vijay Supperum Pournamiyum is a feel-good movie, which tells a familiar story, with thought-provoking themes. The director is familiar to us through Sunday Holiday, which had not created many waves. But this movie comes off as new year break for Asif Ali and Aishwarya Lakshmi who are sharing the screen space for the first time.

Pournami, the character of Aishwarya Lakshmi, is very ambitious. She wants to continue on the competitive field of business and says no to almost every marriage proposals arranged by her family. Vijay Super, on the other hand, his surname derived from his father’s scooter, is keen on becoming a chef, much against the wishes of his conservative father. The film addresses the issue of moving away from the idea that, all’s well for a degree graduate. In the era where everything becomes marketable, Vijay Supper and Pournami become testimonials where innovation becomes synonymous with success.

The titular character introduction begins in a hospital. Innovative narration, which progresses through dialogues that are very realistic in an upper-middle-class family set up, which is the movie’s trump card. It is supposedly based on a true story. Though we can excuse some glitches, the first half progresses with a particular realization from both the families. The first half of the plot does not offer any kind of complications, where the interval appears with a decent mix of moral values and situational chuckles.

The problems of starting a business, of becoming an entrepreneur when everything else fails, is wonderfully depicted in the story. How unseen problems create an emotional rift between people is also shown. The movie goes deep into the bond between parents and students. Asif Ali although bounces back to his usual persona at times comes off as one of his serious roles. Aishwarya Lakshmi too eases on to her character who’s an emotional young girl who believes the sky is the limit. Ranji Panicker, Sidique, KPSC Lalitha, Devan, Balu Varghese and the now famous Joseph Annamkutty Jose, comes in supporting roles. Ranji Panicker and Siddique nail the affectionate father role, whose ideas undergo constant revisions throughout the story.

The second half comes off as a bit of lackluster, with the story taking expected turns and moves in the direction of a happy closure. The boyfriend and the girlfriend, which creates laugh out loud moments, appears very shallow, opposed to our main characters. The movie talks about the bond between parents and their children, highlighting the issues of communication. The movie seems to have an open-ended cliché.

‘Etho mazhayil’ song, ‘Enthani Mounam’, which are the contributions of 4Music and ‘Prince George’, go very well in sync with the tone of the movie. This film is a true family entertainer!


I'm Abhijith, the guy behind the film review you just read. As they say, Movies maketh the man. Reviews aren't meant to butcher a work of art, but rather to see it in a microscope. I'm a freelance writer and been in this field for more than 5 years. When I'm not reviewing, you can spot me reading my Kindle while drinking tea in the nearest kiosk. An aspiring polyglot and ardent comic reader, I call myself an amateur litterateur.

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