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2018: A Groundbreaking Milestone in Mollywood’s Box Office History

2018 Movie Malayalam

Jude Anthany Joseph’s survival drama ‘2018’ has achieved something extraordinary in the constantly evolving and pleasantly surprising Malayalam film industry. It has surpassed Mohanlal’s Pulimurugan, the previous highest-grossing Malayalam movie, and shattered numerous collection records along the way. This remarkable film has become a coveted milestone for every producer, director, and star in the industry, despite having minimal pre-release publicity.

Creating history in Malayalam cinema, ‘2018’ has become the first-ever Malayalam film to join the esteemed 150 crore club. Its global box office earnings have reached a staggering 160 crores, further cementing its phenomenal success.

And now, this Tovino-starrer has accomplished yet another feat. ‘2018’ has become the first Mollywood movie to cross the 100 crore mark in the domestic market. According to ‘ForumKeralam,’ a film trade tracker, the film’s domestic collections in the first 28 days are as follows:

Kerala: ₹84.35 crores
Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: ₹6.25 crores (all languages)
Tamil Nadu: ₹2.4 crores (all languages)
Karnataka: ₹5.25 crores
North India: ₹2.2 crores (all languages)

The grand total for the first 28 days stands at 100.45 crores.

With such an impressive achievement of crossing 100.45 crores within just 28 days in the domestic market, ‘2018’ has firmly established itself as a major box-office success.


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