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Ananya Sengupta signs up for her next Telugu movie

Ananya Sengupta - Telugu Movies

Garnering attention for her performances in past films, Bollywood actress Ananya Sengupta has signed her second Telugu film already. After winning acclaim from Telugu fans and audiences for her debut film, the movie casters didn’t take long before casting Ananya for her role in this new movie. She is supposed to play the lead heroine role in the movie, which remains untitled for the time being. Her co-star is none other than actor Naveen Chandra, another talented star who has secured his much deserved limelight in the Telugu film industry. Ananya and Naveen were cast to play the lead roles in the film to make sure the story comes to life.

The makers of the movie were looking for a strong and bold persona to play the lead heroine and someone who could bewitch the movie audiences with her looks and charm. They had no trouble settling on Ananya for this role since she perfectly fit the bill. With experience from her previous action thriller films and her glamorous looks, Ananya is sure to impress the movie’s audience. The movie is being directed by critically acclaimed director Srinivasa Raju who has been in the film industry for a decade and has launched cinema hits like the Dandupalyam franchise. The director took off with his Dandupalyam franchise which has had 3 movies launched so far, all being blockbuster films.


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