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“Baby” A Phenomenal Feat in Overseas and Local Markets

Baby - Box Office

Anand Devarakonda’s “Baby” has achieved remarkable success in the overseas market, proving its mettle despite initial criticisms from certain class centers about its content. The movie’s resounding victory as a superhit film is undeniable.

In North America, “Baby” amassed an impressive $538K Gross, surpassing the breakeven mark of $400K, resulting in significant profits for distributors, Fly High Cinemas. With $348K collected in the first week and an additional $190K in the second week, the movie displayed consistent performance, solidifying its commercial triumph.

The film’s incredible reception was evident even before its release, leaving the producers with substantial profits. Now, with its remarkable run in both Telugu states, “Baby” continues to rake in substantial earnings for distributors as well. The movie’s exceptional appeal extends to B & C centers, where it surpasses even A centers in terms of footfalls.

As “Baby” continues its splendid run and achieves substantial collections, it remains to be seen if any other small film can replicate its phenomenal feat.


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