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Baby: The Blockbuster Extended Director’s Cut

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Baby: The Blockbuster Extended Director’s Cut

Baby- The Blockbuster Extended Director's Cut

Baby, originally released as a small film, has surpassed all expectations, becoming a massive blockbuster globally. Starring Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, and Viraj Ashwin, this youthful romantic drama has amassed nearly Rs 75 crore in gross earnings, making it one of the most profitable Telugu movies of recent times.

In an exciting update, the makers have decided to treat the audience with a director’s cut extended version, featuring an additional 14 minutes of captivating content, including a brand-new song. Fans can look forward to experiencing this enhanced version in cinemas from the first week of August, bringing the film’s updated runtime to approximately 185 minutes.

As Baby continues its extraordinary success at the ticket counters in both the twin Telugu states and overseas, producer SKN and composer Vijai Bulganin revel in the film’s triumphant journey. The irresistible charm of Baby seems to know no bounds, leaving audiences captivated and eager to witness its extended magic on the big screen.


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