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Crizpo Celebrates Mammootty’s Birthday with a Special Tribute at ‘Bramayugam’ Shoot

Mammootty - Bramayugam - Crizpo Banana Chips

In a unique fusion of cinema, entrepreneurship, and community spirit, Rabin Rahim, a long-time admirer of Mammootty and the visionary behind mammoottyspecial.com and Crizpo Banana Chips, presented a custom-designed snack package to South Indian cinema legend Mammootty. This special gesture occurred during the shooting of his latest film ‘Bramayugam’ at the historic Varikkassery Mana in Ottappalam.

The special edition package, emblazoned with “Happy Birthday Mammukka – A Crunchy Tribute to Megastar Mammootty from mammoottyspecial.com,” was handed to Mammootty in the presence of notable ‘Bramayugam’ team members. Among them were director Rahul Sadasivan, producer Ramachandra Chakravathy, S. George (Managing Director, Mammootty Kampany), and actors Arjun Ashokan and Siddharth, all of whom joined in the birthday celebration.

Following a festive cake-cutting ceremony, Rabin presented these unique Crizpo packages to Mammootty, who graciously shared them with the entire ‘Bramayugam’ crew, adding to the joyous atmosphere of the occasion. This special event extended beyond the film set, with the collaboration of the Calicut Mammootty Fans and Welfare Association to distribute these chips to various charitable organizations in Calicut, including old age homes and centers for mentally deficient children.

This initiative showcases the convergence of fandom, entrepreneurial creativity, and social responsibility, reflecting not just the adoration for Mammootty but also a commitment to broader community values. The special edition Crizpo packaging, created exclusively for this event and not intended for commercial sale, symbolizes the deep respect and admiration for Mammootty, a figure who continues to inspire both on and off the screen.


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