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Ram Gopal Varma criticises Dear Comrade

Ram Gopal Varma | Dear Comrade

We had previously reported that director Ram Gopal Varma celebrated the success of Puri Jagannadh’s film iSmart Shankar with excitement. He even went on to pour what seemed like alcohol on the film’s leading ladies Nabha Natesh, Nidhhi Agerwal and the film’s producer Charmee. As much as he supports this Telugu film, he didn’t sugar coat his verdict on another popular film. Ram Gopal Varma compared the film to Dear Comrade’s reviews and tweeted is issmart shankar more Issmart than nonissmart comrade or is nonissmart comrade not more issmart than Shankar? Truth only RAM’s VIJAYam knows.” (sic)

Fans of Vijay Deverakonda shared videos of the film’s prerelease event in which he says that film is not made to please everyone. Fans also tweeted to Ram Gopal Varma to stop comparing a commercial film like iSmart Shankar to a trend setting film like Dear Comrade.

It has to be noted that Dear Comrade has been highly praised by critics for its progressive story and the way it portrays its female character (played by Rashmika).

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Raisa Nasreen

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