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Sada’s Torch Light gets A certificate from the censor board


Actress Sada, who charmed Tamil audience with in films such as Unnale Unnale and Anniyan, hasn’t been seen in too many films after that. Owing to her commitment to a Telugu reality show, the actress has been selective her choice of films. She will now appear in director Abdul Majith’s Torch Light. Set in the 80s, the actress will be seen playing the role of a sex worker. The film is said to explore the topic of how poor girls are exploited and sold as a commodity. The director of the film has spoken to witnesses who were in the situation.

It is reported that over 40 heroines were approached for the role, however, they were all apprehensive about it. In a recent press release, Majith has said ”The censor officials in Chennai have refused to give certification. So I went to Mumbai and now the film has received an ‘A’ certificate.”

Apart from Sada, actress Riythvika is also playing a pivotal role in this film. Director Majith has previously directed the film Tamizhan, starring Vijay and Priyanka Chopra in the lead.

Raisa Nasreen

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