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Ajith leads Indian team to Australian UAV challenge finals


It is no secret that Madras Institute of Technology (MIT) had appointed actor Ajith as its ‘Helicopter Test Pilot and UAV System Adviser’. During this time, Ajith helped the qualified team prepare for Medical Express-2018 UAV Challenge. Now, the latest we hear is that the team has qualified for the final round which will be held in Australia.

In the official website, in a post dated on 14th August, it reads ”This is a record number of teams passing the D3 milestone. Three teams were given No-Go decisions. The teams that qualified come from Australia (3), Poland (3), Thailand (2), The Netherlands, Canada, India, Pakistan, and China.” In a recent update on 31st August it stated ”With the new BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) procedures, the mission reflects better the reality of how medical package retrieval missions will operate in the future in the real-world.”

The maximum prize for the winning team would AUD$75,000. The UAV Challenge event will be held from 24th to 28th September 2018.

It has to be noted that Ajith is a trained pilot who also has a passion for aeromodelling and operating remote-controlled vehicles. He is also working on his film Viswasam, which will mark his fourth association with director Siva.

Raisa Nasreen

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