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Bigg Boss Telugu – 10th July 2018, Episode 31 update: On day 30 – Tanish becomes emotional due to Bhanusree

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Day 30 Episode 31

Kaushal tells Babu that why are people having so many emotions on others when they know that it is only for 3 months. Babu tells Kaushal that Ganesh was upset for his self-nomination as everyone scolded him. Amit tells sorry to Bigg Boss for his words regarding task and shares that he will be a better human being once he leaves the house. Good and Evil task was given for luxury budget. Housemates are divided into two groups; good people should do good things in the house and save the three flowers. While, the evil guys will try to destroy whatever they did and should destroy the flowers to win the task.

Tejaswi and Bhanusree steal all the 3 flowers and destroy them even though 2 of them were being guarded by good people. They destroy all the property in the house though it is mentioned that only what is cleaned by good people had to be destroyed. Tanish tells everyone that smile is their moto and let evil people destroy but don’t interfere and exchange words with them. Samrat shares with everyone that he broke up a relationship for a small quarrel and took a bad decision of not talking with that person again and told her sorry in front of housemates. Tejaswi left her dad at the age of 18 and came out of house. She had to do because it seemed like a life threat to her. She tells everyone that it was a bad decision to leave her father alone and would take care of him whenever she finds time.

Amit apologizes to Bhanusree for disappointing her during nomination task. Kaushal shares his emotional story that his mother died of cancer and he couldn’t spend the last days with her because of cinema shooting. He wishes to always have her blessings with him and would regret forever that he couldn’t be with her during her last moments. Evil gang doesn’t give batteries to good people as they blocked their access to bedroom and garden area. Tejaswi doesn’t keep the batteries in store room though housemates wanted to change their mike batteries. Kaushal tries to explain them but none of them listen and Tejaswi shouts that she will not do it. Tanish shares his personal story with Sunaina that they have sold all the property they had to repay loans and should prove himself in front of all his enemies. Bhanusree acts like she fell from chair and makes Sunaina open the door. Sunaina cries a lot as she thought something happened to Bhanusree and Tanish becomes emotional as he corelated it to something in his personal life.

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Author: Hasanth Sista

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