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Kaappaan Review: Suriya saves the day!

Kaappaan Movie Review

Director KV Anand, is known packing adept, racy and interesting twists in his films. Be it Ayaan, Kavan or Ko – the ‘you were not expecting this scene’ were plenty. In his latest film Kaapaan, he relies on the same factor. Although the film manages to work with twists, it falters in consistency and logic leaving you with questions.

At a few parts in the film you hear Samuthirakani and others say the dialogue “that’s the million dollar question”. It feels like a direct answer to the questions audience may have wondered. For instance, why did the film use Captain America’s logo to represent the villain? Answer: Well, that’s a million dollar question! Next instance is, why bring farming and security agent a connecting point in the film? Answer: That’s a million dollar question! Instead of focusing on the villain, the movie should have given Suriya his own logo! After all, you see him jump from helicopter, burn trains, save mission – easily! All this multitasking and saving the day mission looks like the film’s leading man and theme was inspired from Mission Impossible and Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise). While the Hollywood film franchise worked because it focused on how meticulously Ethan executed his mission, Kappaan focused on Kathir (Suriya) simply finishing his mission in the blink of an eye. May be a highlight on him, and how he went about doing what he does best, should have worked better. Infact, it worked wonders when director KV Anand did the same in Suriya-starrer Ayaan.

There’s a lot going on in the film, and it’s compelling in parts. The interesting angle of the insect menace, the former agent’s connect and the rise of the new PM are some of the highlights of the film. Connecting everything into an engrossing story is where the weak links are there. While the first half cripples it’s way through, the second half is far more interesting.

Suriya’s performance looks like a lot of hard work! His perfectly fit physique, disciplined body language works perfectly for his role of a tough agent. Mohanlal stuns in a brief yet amazing performance! It’s a role that looked right for the actor. I am thankful for his presence because that’s the only time I knew Suriya and Sayesha were a couple in the film. Otherwise it seemed like both were there to exchanged pleasantries. Another good performance and characterisation was by Arya. Initially portrayed like irresponsible person in the film, he gradually transforms into a character one may root for.

Overall, Kaapaan is full of action and features its best in the second half. Watch it to find out if you have cracked the million dollar question!

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