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A. R. Rahman and Vijay shine at the audio launch of Bigil

Bigil Audio Launch - - Vijay - ARRahman

The makers of Vijay’s film Bigil have been scoring big with the fans. Initially, the posters of the film drew positive comments from fans. Later, when the team released three songs from the film, it received an overwhelming support. Composed by A. R. Rahman, the official music launch took place in Chennai on Thursday evening (19th September).

Director Atlee who previously directed with Vijay in Theri and Mersal took to the stage to say “Vijay anna is my lucky charm. He asks me to work with other stars too but I can’t think beyond him for my films. Vijay will always be my favourite hero. I share a special connection and emotion with him, like how each director has one special hero. I don’t feel like going away from my annan. I am nothing, my fame is because of him only,”

The film’s music director AR Rahman said that Vijay and him only exchanged smiles during the music recording sessions. He later went on to perform Singappenney from the film.

When Vijay began to talk, the crowd began cheering. He spoke about how he trained in football for the shoot. He went on to say how life also is like a football game. “People May try to prevent you from scoring a goal, but you must work hard to score. Sometimes, people we believe the most may also score the goal on the same side. Don’t get defeated. Trust your abilities and stand apart”.

We truly agree with Vijay’s wise words!

You can listen to some songs from the film here.

Raisa Nasreen

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