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Mehandi Circus Review: A beautiful love story

Mehandi Circus Movie Review

Bringing back a 90s love story in today’s millennial age is quite a task. For starters the time back then didn’t have youngsters express love through emojis and Instagram stories, neither did they have to propose on TikTok. So when someone from today’s age finds a film to show a couple who emote with their eyes or write letters – it wouldn’t make sense! But director Raju Saravananan’s Mehandi Circus has made a film which has freshness in familiarity.

With stunning visuals, soothing music and a stellar cast, Mehandi Circus is a troop that impresses! Written by Raju Murugan, the film beautifully wraps itself in a heavy dose of Illaiyaraja’s songs.

The story of the film begins when Jeeva (Madhampatty Rangaraj), the son of a influential village chief unites couples through his love for Ilaiyaraja’s sons. When a circus company holds shows his town, Jeeva falls in love with Mehandi. When the two decide to start a life together, Jeeva’s father interferes. It’s there that trouble begins in paradise.

Rich guy and poor girl fall in love – their respective fathers interfere – conflict begins. It’s a familiar tale, it’s a slow film, but there are a lot of scenes are require to be felt than explained. We see love through the eye of the lead characters, Jeeva and Mehandi who live a life of happiness and melancholy. The film feels a bit long in the second half, it also reminded me of the Hindi crime shows where the ‘bad’ guys simply does want he wants to and the heroine doesn’t have a choice but to listen.

The film feels like the cinema of the 80s, however what prevents it from being a boring film, is impressive performance of Madhampatty Rangaraj, who emotes so well, that you feel like you are travelling with him in his love life. In a scene where he assures Mehandi that he is really in love with her, his sincerity is unquestionable. It’s a solid debut for the actor, who emotes so much in film where talking is less. Shwetha Tripathi is lovely as the circus performer who doesn’t being being the ‘scape goat’ in the circus. She brings a level of innocence in her performance. Ankur Vikal delivers a convincing performance suitable to the story. He looks mean but he’s always doing good! Sean Roland’s music is one of the strongest highlights and there is no doubt about it!

If you like love stories that give out a warm, fuzzy and retro-ish feel to it, then Mehandi Circus could well be your pick.

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