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Sandakozhi 2 Review: Vishal shines as the action hero

Sandakozhi 2 Movie Review

Director Lingusamy and Vishal’s first collaboration Sandakozhi which released in the year 2005 became of the biggest hits of that year. It was praised for its interesting ‘masala’ story telling idea, powerful hero-villain clash and interesting characterisation. In the sequel, Sandakozhi 2, the key factors that made the first part are missing here. The punch factor carries less impact, the villain never has a solid showdown, neither does that film travel on gripping premise. Despite this, the film does manage to work in parts.

In Sandakozhi, Kasi (Lal), vows to take on Balu (Vishal), after the latter attacks him. However, Balu is guarded by his father Durai (Raj Kiran). The story worked on a plot that kept the suspense factor and had everyone wondering if Kasi will succeed in attacking Balu.

The film came in a time where action-packed films were ruling Kollywood (Sivakasi, Anniyan) and Sandakozhi went on to feature as one of the successful films in that list.

Now, 13 years later, in the sequel, the genre is still relevant, but unlike its prequel, the racy tempo, the crispness in the film is missing. In Sandakozhi 2, Balu and Kasi aren’t the one’s being targeted by the villain (Varalakshmi). It is Anbu (Hari Krishnan). The film revolves around Balu and his family protecting him.

However, Sandakozhi 2 does have some note-worthy points that prevents it from slipping it into a bad film. For instance, take the point where Balu has the responsibility of saving Anbu’s life. He does so by creating inventive scenes to show that he is his saviour. The scene where Balu and Kasi effortlessly sling weapons at the thugs in different scenes at the same time is also very good. There’s another a terrific scene, where Lal features in a cameo in the film. When was the last time you saw a villain want to take a selfie with the hero he once wanted to avenge?

The romantic track in the film featuring Keerthy and Vishal, isn’t like the first film (a superb Meera Jasmine). This isn’t because of the inclusion of Keerthy, but lack of interesting scenes. Keerthy’s role is that of a tom-boyish fearless girl, who is talkative. However, this seemed a bit forced, and all Keerthy had to do was to say ‘yow yoww’. But Keerthy goes on to emote very well in the romantic song sequence and she dances well too.

Vishal shines as the confident action-hero. He brings the same energy and vibe which he delivered in the first part. The dialogues in the film praise him, and he humbly rejects the praise. In one scene, he says he doesn’t like the adulation he receives and decides to keep a low profile – perhaps indicating his political profile or the star image he wants to carry. Raj Kiran delivers a commanding performance, as the chief who is respected by all. Varalakshmi fits in a role, that seems tailor-made for her. She’s the hot-headed vamp who seeks revenge. Despite the orange-tan, the constant closeup shots, she shines. Her performance in the climax of the film delivers praise.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music aren’t instantly likeable, but the background score works well in the film’s favour.


Sandakozhi 2, may not have the gripping moments or the intense action scenes like the first film, but if you look beyond that. The film may work for you.

Raisa Nasreen

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