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Must Watch Tamil Movies of the 21st Century

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Must Watch Tamil Movies of the 21st Century


There are plenty of Tamil movies that have not been seen by a wider audience due to the language barrier. Here is a breakdown of some of the best Tamil films worth your time.

India has a great history of movies. The country is home to good films for many years now, but only a few get global recognition. The latest Tamil cinema news in English gives you a better understanding of how Kollywood movies are set to achieve Hollywood status. Unfortunately, not all regional movies get international acclaim due to the language barrier.

Bollywood movies are great, but we are also more inclined towards Tamil movies because they were a good source of entertainment while growing up. It pains us to witness the erasure of Tamil movies due to the language barrier. However, reading the latest Tamil cinema news in English has enabled the movies to be recognized and accepted by a wider audience. Here is a breakdown of some of the best Tamil films worth your time.

Vaaranam Aayiram (A Thousand Elephants)
The movie is about an incredible but emotional transformation of a man starting from his adolescent years all the way to adulthood. The heartwarming film depicts all aspects of being a man. From love, tragedy, and growth to maturity and dealing with complicated relationships. The movie is based on the love and bond between a man and his son. It was probably inspired by Gautham Menon (the director), who had an amazing relationship with his father.

Anbe Sivam (Love is God) (2003)
Kamal Hassan displays his acting prowess in this cult classic. It is about an odd friendship between two men who are different. These men represent different contrasts and extremes that have never been witnessed before. The film is based on various themes on both ends. The movie examines socialism and capitalism on two different viewpoints while bringing in several concepts such as globalization, atheism, rebellion, compassion, and altruism. It is a good movie that educates without sounding preachy.

Joker (2016)
Joker is a political satire that depicts the hardcore reality of Indian politics. The movie is about a man who is considered a joker because of his political ideologies and revolutionary actions that he takes to change the world around him. It unapologetically displays the sad truth behind the lives of rural Indians. The movie tackles themes such as basic amenities such as having a toilet in the house and how access to an ambulance is equated to a miracle.

Aruvi (River) (2017)
This is a story about female struggles in a country full of men and prejudices. The movie boldly handles difficult themes such as sexual harassment, social injustices, media hypocrisy, politics, and sexually transmitted disease. The main character Aruvi is a simple lady who is pushed to the limits and forced to stand up against the struggles she has faced all her life. It acts as a wake-up call to every man, and hopefully, it fulfilled its promises.

Kakkamuttai (Crow Eggs) (2015)
Kakkamutai is an incredible movie with a unique but straightforward storyline. It features two boys who make it their life’s mission to eat pizza. They have never tasted pizza before, and so they are on the hunt for their first bite. It is a good movie that displays class differences with incredible performances from the lead stars.

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