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TN Minister warns the team of Sarkar


In recent developments, it has been reported that Tamil Nadu’s State Information and Publicity Minister Kadambur C Raju has warned the team of Sarkar after the scene in the film which shows people throwing away freebies provided by the Tamil Nadu government. He went on to say that if the team doesn’t remove these scenes from the film, he will take the necessary steps to do so.

In the film, Sundar (Vijay) decides to educate people on choosing a good government and getting to know their rights. This gives rise to the scene where people are seen throwing goods provided by the government into the fire. Director A. R. Murgadoss also plays one of the commoners in the scene.

One of the fans who has watched Sarkar said ‘‘The government is laying unfair rules here. The film has already been certified, and it is the Censor board’s decision to retain or chop a scene, why are they told to make changes now”

Directed by A. R. Murgadoss, Sarkar starring Vijay released on 6th November. This isn’t the first time Sarkar has landed itself in controversy. Before the release, it was caught the plagiarism issue where writer Varun claimed the movie’s story to be his. However, the issue was later resolved. Sarkar is now running to packed houses, and Sun Pictures, the producers of the film have deemed it a blockbuster.

Raisa Nasreen

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