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Thirumanam Review: Cheran’s film is a musical-drama on weddings

Thirumanam Movie Review DGZ Media

There is a popular saying which goes ‘When you marry the one, you marry the family’. The person who came up with this line wasn’t wrong. Many times in an Indian marriage, this process begins even before the wedding. When the groom’s family interferes in every decision taken by the bride’s family or vice versa – sparks are created – the two families begin their relationship on a negative note.

Director Cheran understands this well enough, so he decided to write, direct and star in his latest film ‘Thirumanam‘. Apart from playing those varied roles, Cheran also promotes himself as a ‘police’ telling everyone what the dos and don’ts of a wedding are. In fact, he is so stern delivering the wedding principles – that it feels a bit preachy. However, despite it, the film manages to stick to its message and convey its point well.

The plot of the film is simple. Two people fall in love, and their families decide to get them married. The problem arises when the family of the groom decides to have a lavish wedding, whereas the bride’s brother is a calculative person who urges on keeping the wedding as simple as possible. The plot is fairly predictable, it’s also a tab bit dramatic, it also feels like a mega-serial – but what stops it from becoming into a long and never-ending drama is how quickly the screenplay moves. Another highlight is how it uses examples of conducting a wedding (practical or not that’s another story.

The film falters when its interrupted too often by songs – that one can barely sit through. It feels like a musical which features songs and visuals that can well be used in a school play. The song ‘All the best’ is one example of it. It’s hard to believe that Cheran wanted these included in his film. Considering the placement and quality of songs in films like Autograph and Pandavar Bhoomi. I didn’t understand the use of emojis in the visuals too. Did Cheran do this to stay in touch with new-gen?

Cheran does the role of a stingy brother quite well. He’s a clear and sorted personality who doesn’t break down easily. Suganya performs superbly as the protective sister. It’s a meaty role, and she fits in it perfectly. Umapathy and Kavya don’t exactly behave like the couple who are madly in love (because of the writing)- but do their roles quite ok.

If you don’t mind watching a film that’s high on drama which wants to convey a message, then you can consider watching the film.

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