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Gautham Menon apologizes to Karthik Naren on social media

Gautham Menon - Karthik Naren - Arvind Swamy

Yesterday, director Karthik Naren and director Gautham Menon slammed each other on Twitter. The issue was in regard to the completion of Karthik Naren’s film Naragasooran produced by Gautham Menon. The two got into an argument on Twitter where Karthik blamed Gautham Menon for treating his crew and him like thrash. In latest developments, Gautham Menon took to Twitter to clear the controversy. His lengthy post stated that “Through the production of Naragasooran, I have never interfered or even discussed the script with Karthick and have only insisted with my team and the investors who came on board to give him what he wanted. He was given a free hand. We brought in the actors he wanted at very high costs and even the trailers and teasers and posters were his,”

The letter also stated that “Just when lots of positive movement was happening on Naragasooran, a tweet from my director Karthick Naren upset me and even though good sense prevailed through most of the day, lots of calls from the media upset me and I tweeted a reply. In retrospect, I feel I shouldn’t have. I apologize to Karthick for that,”

Gautham Menon also said that there was some ‘miscommunication’ between Karthik and him, he also stated that he understands the Karthik’s angst and rant.

In an interview with a leading media portal, Karthik Naren stated that Gautham Menon used the funds allocated to the film Naragasooran and used it to fund Dhruva Natchathiram and Ennai Nokki Paayum Thotta. However, in his letter, Gautham Menon stated that it’s not possible as the budget of his film are seven times bigger than Naragasooran.

Meanwhile, Aravind Swamy took to Twitter and said ”Yes we all can grow a few things, a pair of eyes that sees what we do to others, a pair of ears to hear the truth, a conscience to tell us when we are wrong and a pair of whatever to accept our mistakes and apologise…instead we grow our list of commitments that we can’t keep.”

The letter also mentions that actor Arvind Swamy refused to dub his part till his entire payment was made, however, he will ensure that he will do the needful and issue a release date.

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