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Reel Sarkar Vs Real Sarkar: Police visit A. R. Murugadoss’ house; Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan Vishal tweet in support


In shocking twists to the controversy surrounding Sarkar, the police had visited director A. R. Murugadoss’ residence only to find that he isn’t at home. According to Sun pictures, the film’s official production house, police reached the residence to arrest him. However, T-Nagar DCP said to the News Minute that regular patrol officers were around his house to check the security measures around his residence. He later went on to say that there was no question of arrest since an FIR as not filed against the director. After a few minutes, A. R. Murgadoss went on to tweet stating ”Police had come to my house late tonight and banged the door several times. Since I was not there they left the premises. Right now I was told there is no police outside my house.”


Soon after the tweets, actor, and President of Tamil Film Producers Council went on to tweet in support of A. R. Murgadoss. His Tweet stated ”Police in Dir Murugadoss s home????? For Wat?? Hoping and really hoping that nothin unforeseen happens. Once again. The censor has cleared the film and the content is watched by public.den why all this hue and cry”

Rajinikanth tweeted in favour of the film. He said that once a film is censored, it is not fair to remove scenes from it. He also said that he strongly condemned acts such as protesting and destroying banners of the film. Kamal Haasan took to his Twitter to state that it is not new for the government to protest against films with a political theme in it. He also went on to state that parties should learn to take criticism. He concluded by saying that there will be a time when good political parties will overthrow the corrupt ones.

This incident comes after AIADMK protested and tore banners in front of theatres demanding the arrest of Kalanathi Maran, the owner of Sun Pictures.

The film’s official producer’s Sun pictures have now agreed to delete the specified scenes from the film. In a statement issued by Kalanidhi Maran it stated they have decided to delete/mute the controversial scenes keeping in mind the safety of the family audience.

A day after the film’s release the Information and Publicity Minister of Tamil Nadu and the Law Minister of Tamil Nadu warned the team of Sarkar to delete particular scenes from the film. They wanted the removal of certain controversial scenes from the movie which includes scenes where people are seen throwing freebies provided by the government and muting the name Komalavalli in the film which is allegedly former TN CM Jayalalitha’s original name.

Sarkar, starring Vijay in the lead is running to packed houses. The film has created a record of becoming the highest-grossing film in Chennai within a day of its release.

Raisa Nasreen

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